Brad Gouthro Fitness 6 Vegetables That Kill Belly Fat #LLTV

6 Vegetables That Kill Belly Fat #LLTV

6 Vegetables That Kill Belly Fat #LLTV

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Eat This Type of Vegetable To Fight Belly Fat

Vegetables that can KILL your belly fat?

Every time I ask people what body part they want to improve’¦it’s always their abs’¦or in other words, they want to lose belly fat.

Well guess what’¦

If I haven’t already given you enough health incentives to eat your veggies maybe this tip will finally give you that kick in the booty.

Eating certain types of vegetables can actually help kill your belly fat.  

Do I have your attention now??

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A while back, I filmed a Live Lean TV episode about the estrogenic chemicals found in our food supply and environment that can make you store belly.

These chemicals include pesticides, herbicides, and petrochemicals. They’re now found in our food, our water, the air, and everyday products we use.

These chemicals are called xenoestrogens and are found in household cleaners, cosmetics, and plastics.  We’re exposed to these chemicals everyday.

Exposure can cause an estrogenic effect on your body which causes a hormonal imbalance for both males and females, thus making you store belly fat.

HOWEVER’¦Enter the Belly Fat Killing Super Vegetables!!

Certain types of vegetables contain specific phytonutrients (I3C) that helps STOP these estrogenic belly fat stimulating compounds.

They’re called cruciferous veggies.

Vegetables That Kill Belly Fat

Cruciferous vegetables that help fight belly fat include:

A few examples include:

– bok choy

– brocooli

– brussel sprouts

– cabbage

– cauliflower

– kale

Add these belly fat killing veggies to your shopping list if you want to help kill your belly fat.

Just another reason to ALWAYS EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!

And here’s a tip, to make these veggies taste better, sprinkle some balsamic vinegar and coconut oil if you want.

That’s it.

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Questions For You:

– Do you eat these belly fat burning veggies everyday?

– Which ones are your favs?


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142 Comments to “6 Vegetables That Kill Belly Fat #LLTV”

  1. Chris Brave says:

    Probably the best fitness channel on youtube hes loud and clear doesnt have
    to curse or act like an idiot to get your attention and he seems very
    confident about his teaching he needs a show on food network lol

  2. […] Also try to eat as much organic food as possible, and focus on eating cruciferious vegetables to help rid your body of these xenoestrogens. I filmed a full video about the 6 belly fat killing vegetables here. […]

  3. Terrmeister Fitness says:

    Sweet potatoes, kale and broccoli are always in my fridge. I can’t wait to
    hit up the Farmer’s Market in the summer. Once I went to the supermarket
    and I was so excited to be shopping for vegetables…it was hilarious!

  4. Jeff Cheese says:

    I know that sweet potatoes are paleo food. I am living in Korea where
    sweet potatoes are pretty popular. Though, they are yellow, not orange.
    Koreans make a dish called Jop Chae, which is made from sweet potato
    noodles. They make other dishes using these noodles. I know pasta is not
    paleo, but what about sweet potato noodles?

  5. Geezart says:

    Great videos Brad.

  6. Shane Holly says:

    Brad have you heard about kale actually being bad to eat heath wise?

  7. Rose A says:

    Another great video! ! Thank you

  8. Madden Cartel says:

    Hey Brad Gouthro, is it okay if the vegetables like bok choy, broccoli,
    kale, etc. are frozen?

  9. Nicholas Ortubia says:

    could you make a video of your weekly diet ?

  10. barry corbett says:

    He Bronkhorst yah fag .. Keep yer feelings for your faggy boyfriend tae yer
    sell ok.. Bitch your my bitch also ok

  11. Thomas O'Neill says:

    Hey Brad, great videos. I spent a couple hours last night going through all
    your videos I could find. I attempted to implement as much as I could today
    and found myself exhausted by mid afternoon. I’ve been working out and
    eating healthier for about a month now, but still had bread/oats in diet
    (have been getting exhausted by mid afternoon the whole time). wondering if
    you had any advice on keeping my energy level up later in the day. Thanks

  12. barry corbett says:

    Your his bitch I guess get over it fave do

  13. barry corbett says:


  14. Wenbin Ma says:

    AND…. every other vegetables too ohhhhh wow
    stay tune for more advice

  15. Peter Piper says:

    Abs in the belly? Whoa! If you have abs in your belly, you are deformed !!!
    Abs are above the belly/intestine area, going only slightly into this area.
    Most belly fat is not in the abs area proper.

  16. acykat2069 says:

    Down 140lbs since February from living a (relatively) strict paleo
    lifestyle! My doc asked me if I had surgery.

  17. Matt Graham says:

    Brad in the other video you talk about you couldn’t find a hair jel, melt
    coconut oil and use that, it works!

  18. Jason Meyer says:

    Did he say to eat veguals? Lol

  19. Lovely FineX says:

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  20. […] leafy greens, and cauliflower, as they are high in compounds that help decrease aromatase. Click here to see a specific video I shot about the 6 vegetables that kill […]

  21. Theresa Anduchim says:

    To burn fat efficiently, you need the personalized weight loss program that
    customized for only you.

  22. Johnny Hernandez says:

    I’m eating donuts and milk while I’m watching this….

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  24. Susan Kale says:

    I hope you get your own tv show someday. You are presentable and get right
    to the point. Most others here speak so slowly I usually end up fast
    forwarding. And I haven’t heard you use the dreaded “umm’ when you speak,
    which shows how professional you are.

  25. Colin McAllister says:

    wanna lose fat? stop eating fat.

  26. mossie1954 says:

    At 1:29 you say ‘Pacific’ (That’s an Ocean?””….you should say
    I’m just saying :)
    Thanks for the info great advice.

  27. Seanna Searles says:

    Omg thank you soo much for the help I am going to eat a bag of brussel
    sprouts and broccoli a day now

  28. Baji Aqeela says:

    Have you seen Nifty Fat Blaster? (Google it) It is a quick way for you to burn calories fast.

  29. Mark Harrison says:

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  30. Pulse4664 says:

    Does broccoli cause bloat? I eat broccoli everyday and i dont drink carbonated drinks. I’m guessing it’s that. What will help reduce it while keepin up with my brocc?

  31. MyLaura999 says:

    Thank you!! Been eating a bag of brussel sprouts a day love it mmm:D

  32. Brad Gouthro says:

    those foods are healthy but don’t contain the same phytonutrients.

  33. MyLaura999 says:

    Is sweet potatoes and quinoa good for losing belly fat too?

  34. MyLaura999 says:

    I eat a bag of brussel sprouts everyday but it causes a bit of bloating what do u do?

  35. עמית מורג says:
  36. Raaz Awal says:

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  38. Jonathan De Jesus says:

    Thanks man I appreciate it.

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