Brad Gouthro Fitness Tabata Workout Program: Lose Fat Fast In Just 4 Minutes [Video]

Tabata Workout Program: Lose Fat Fast In Just 4 Minutes [Video]

Tabata Workout Program: Lose Fat Fast In Just 4 Minutes [Video]

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Lose Fat Fast In Just 4 Mins – Tabata Workout Program

If you haven’t heard of Tabata workout programs yet, you’ve been missing out. This form of workout is named after a Japanese researcher named, who else, Tabata.

Tabata workout programs are quick (only 4 mins) and they not only burn fat fast…it also helps build lean muscle and increase VO2 max (cardiovascular strength).


Fat Burning Tabata Workout Program Example

Total time: 4 mins

Work time: 20 sec (as many reps as possible with good form)

Rest time: 10 sec


1. Jump Lunges

2. Jump Squats

3. Burpees

4. Pushups

For example: 20 seconds of Jump Lunges, then a 10 sec rest, 20 seconds of Jump Squats, 10 sec rest, etc until all 4 minutes are up (a total of 8 sets).

Remember: the goal of the Tabata Workout Program is to do as many reps (with proper form) as possible in the 20 second work period. AND ONLY REST FOR 10 SECONDS!

How Do I Time The Tabata Workout Program Intervals?

To do a Tabata Workout Program correctly, you need a timer that is easily accessible, doesn’t get in the way, and notifies you when your work or rest period is over.

If you don’t have a timer that fits the above criteria, give the GYMBOSS a try. Simply set the timer to 20 sec work intervals and 10 second rest intervals, then the GYMBOSS will beep/vibrate or both to tell you the interval is over. You don’t even need to look at it! It then continues until your full 4 minutes is up!

Tabata Workout Program

Other Tabata Workout Program Exercises

Since you’re only doing one exercise, be sure to choose an exercise that incorporates full body movements that incorporates multiple muscles and joint movements.

For example, here are some of the best Tabata Workout Program exercises to use:

– burpees

– squats

– jump rope

– box jumps

– …you get the point.

How Do I Measure Progress With A Tabata Workout Program?

It’s simple. Record the lowest amount of reps completed in any set. For the following Tabata workout, try to beat that rep count (with proper form).

That’s it…in just 4 minutes you’ll be sweating, incinerating fat, increasing heart health, and getting stronger.

Click here ’”> GYMBOSS if you don’t have a GYMBOSS yet. This tool is awesome and will keep you on track!

Hope you enjoyed this sample Tabata Workout Program




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    Great post – I’m loving the time-efficiency of this tabata workout!

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  12. Brad Gouthro says:

    since it’s only 4 mins it won’t hinder muscle

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    Being Tabata so metabolic, does it jeopardizes muscle volumen?

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    Hi man first thx for the video but i’ve a question.. . I tried this tabata with my gymboss but.. you say 8 sets.. so do i have to set my gymboss to 8 rounds of 4min???So in total 32min?? Because 1 round is 4min right?? Btw: the first three exercises is imo not very good for the knees man.. especially when you’re a heavyweight..

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    tried this, but settled for sprinting…only if its raining, u cant go out, otherwise u can even if its cold, just bundle up and put on 2 htats or a hat… sprinting burns fat, drains u and regulates opinion is because it reduces stress totally and gives u the feel like ur in control

  24. Brad Gouthro says:

    yeah its a good start

  25. SunUp08 says:

    Hi, I weight train 3 times a week. Is 4 minutes tabata say 3 or 4 times a week enough to supplement? Thanks.

  26. fitnessforyouathome says:

    Hey brad is there a difference between HIIT and tabata?

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    if you’re eating healthy, yes.

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  31. Syafii Hadi says:

    Hey Brad, can i still have six packs if i just do the tabata workouts?

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